Wake Tech Library Art Installation

Feedback Request

Project Details

Gabriel Eng-Goetz has been selected by Wake Tech Community College to create a large-scale art installation in the Scott Northern Wake Campus Library stairwell. Gabriel is working with faculty to engage students, staff, alumni and community patrons in order to best create an inclusive, authentic piece of permanent artwork for Wake Tech. If you are interested in sharing your ideas, please provide feedback at the bottom of the page!

About the Artist

Gabriel Eng-Goetz's studio is based in Durham, North Carolina USA. His work explores the cultural history of identity, including his own as a Chinese American born and raised in the South, and our human connection to the natural world. Outside of creating artwork for clients and collectors, Gabriel works with his community to showcase and uplift North Carolina's vibrant and diverse art scene by producing/curating events and working as a youth mentor.  


Community research and engagement is essential when creating public art, as it should represent the area and those working/living in it. This is where YOU come in. We want to be sure that all groups have a voice in what the artwork reads and evokes. Please submit your feedback via the form below.


We've received some great feedback from the community already. The most common themes encountered have been HISTORY, DIVERSITY, EDUCATION and NATURE. Let us know if any of these resonate with you or if you have new themes to suggest.


Consider how themes and subject matter can be represented visually. Do you prefer bold imagery or something more subtle?  What color palette would you like to see? Are there specific symbols or iconography you'd like to see included. Let us know.

Let your voice be heard!

Please enter your feedback via the form below. All feedback will be considered.

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